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"Deciding to have cosmetic surgery is an important decision, but choosing the right surgeon is an even more important decision. I decided to consult with Dr. Vega after hearing about my cousin's procedure, who was also a patient of Dr. Vega. Not only is my cousin extremely happy with her results but I feel revitalized after my surgery. I asked for certain results but Dr. Vega exceeded my expectations. During my recovery at his clinic, his staff was extremely accommodating and very professional. I am confident that anyone I refer to Dr. Vega will be ecstatic about their results."

Danielle Leyva

"It is a pleasure to write a letter of recommendation on behalf of Dr. Ricardo Vega. Dr. Vega was the surgeon who performed my daughter's cosmetic surgery. He was recommended to me by a close friend who was a classmate of Dr. Vega in medical school.

The surgery was extensive but the results were excellent. As a family physician and medical educator I was very impressed with the professionalism of Dr. Vega and the services he provided. Dr. Vega carefully explained what he would do and responded to my daughters concerns. The services he provided incorporated cutting edge surgical techniques and patient care.

Dr. Vega and his professional staff kept a watchful eye on my daughter from the evaluation phase, through her surgery, during her on-site recovery, and during followup visit and care. Dr. Vega and his staff were also very helpful in assisting us as visitors from California in accessing his office and services. There is onsite parking and they even helped us arrange transportation across the border. Dr. Vega's friendly,competent, and affordable care sold me."

John Zweifler, MD, MPH

"NO!!!" I’ve heard so many times. “It’s dangerous and scary!” “I would never go there!” And the list of negatives goes on……BUT let me share my plastic surgery adventure.

I’ve had plastic surgery in Las Vegas….you make your appointment for your consultation, sometimes you’re charged for that appointment and sometimes, not. You see the doctor, schedule your surgery, get your labs drawn. You show up for surgery day, you are whisked away to be cut. You wake up in recovery, a couple of hours later you are asked, “Do you have a ride home?” or else, “We’ve already called your ride.” YOU GO HOME THAT SAME DAY.

I, not being familiar with driving in Tijuana, was met at the airport by the chauffer that would take me to the clinic. He was a very professional man that got me to my destination safely.

In Tijuana, you are greeted, very sincerely by the receptionist, you see the doctor, where he very openly tells you what he can and cannot do in one session. He tells you that he will not do anything to jeopardize your health….for example 3 or 4 major procedures at one time. He tells you that he would rather split the procedures up so that you are not under anesthesia for so long.

After you make your surgery appointment, the greatest pampering adventure of your life begins. The day before the surgery you are scheduled with an internist for complete physical workup, EKG, HIV test, blood work. No shoddy workup here….the internist was very thorough. Now, I forgot to tell you that I am clinical pharmacist, so I watched everything she did!!

Then comes the morning of surgery. I am greeted by Adrian, one of the nurses on staff. He bustled around and prepared me for my procedure, which was a circumfrential tummy tuck and butt lift. He was efficient, professional and very kind.

I am greeted in the operating room by the Anesthesiologist, where we discussed what drugs she was going to use. I, immediately observed, how clean and sterile and new everything was around me.

I awoke in recovery to the same expert care and caring. I spent the night in recovery and in the morning I was transferred to my hospital room, where I spent the next 3 days being pampered and treated like a QUEEN!

After those 3 nights in my hospital room, I was transferred to the Gran Hotel Tijuana which is in the same building as the doctor’s office. I spent the next 4 nights in a 5 star hotel with complete nursing care. Each day one of the staff would come get me in a wheelchair for bandage checks, wound cleaning, warm oil massages, ultrasound therapy, a warm cup of tea and the list goes on. Up to the point that I complained that I couldn’t reach my feet to wash them, whereupon I was whisked away to get a pedicure in the same complex.

I left Tijuana at 8 days post op via chauffer. The chauffer ordered a wheelchair for me at every stop. I also left with drains still in my body. The doctor came to Las Vegas for personal business and made a house call where he pulled out my drains and redressed my wounds!!!!

Now, you’re asking, “How did it turn out?” Well, 10 days post-op and I already look HOT!!! He did a beautiful job, just BEAUTIFUL.

Irene Saucier, Pharm.D.

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